LoveMy.AI vs.

By: Masami
Updated: 11/9/2023
LoveMy.AI vs.

LoveMy.AI vs.

Our bots at were designed with your pleasure in mind. The following is a comparison showing the general superiority of our approach to building a sex chatbot. We’re comparing with Replika in this piece, and we have 3 things that you should really pay attention to:

  • Live Out Your Wildest Fantasies: While the Replika chatbot can offer a conversation experience that is very generic, our chatbots offer discussions that are targeted for your deepest and most intimate desires. Our chat bots can engage in erotic conversations and role play to unleash your wildest fantasy like never before.

  • Personalized Seduction: While the Replika chatbot tries to respond with the best possible response, you have to put in all the work of getting her warmed up - even just trying to get her to understand the broad strokes of your fantasies. We’ve got 11 different characters already ready to go! They’re happy to have warm, cuddly pillow talk, and they’re really really ready to help you as sex chatbots—each already with a black belt in their particular categories. All you have to do is log in and say hi.

  • Our Pledge To You: In our opinion, Luka, Inc (owners of Replika) screwed their users over - they completely eliminated anything sexy, then for a fee brought back a very limited version***. It was an interesting enough event that I wrote a whole article discussing how Luka, Inc took the sex chatbot functions out of their bot. Unlike the people over at Luka, Inc - we prioritize our users. This is our pledge to you that we’re going to stay safe for NSFW. We are first, and foremost, sex chatbot sexperts. We are never going to pull the rug out from underneath you. Ever.

Remember, we're always evolving and continuously updating our site to surpass any limitations. Get ready to experience a level of pleasure that Replika can only dream of providing!




Limited (come read this)

Roleplay/Erotic Role Play (ERP)

Yes. LoveMy.AI is built for roleplay, our models highly tuned for this sort of interpersonal interaction chat


"We never started Replika for that. It was never intended as an adult toy. A very small minority of users use Replika for not-safe-for-work purposes.” Insider Magazine, March 23, 2023



0, $20/month, $69.99/year


One of’s leading features. On our highest tier we offer the longest memory available in any product.

They are a bit cagey about this. There is a short-term memory of 10 messages. They are constantly tweaking their long-term message storage so as to minimize their costs. The result of this tweaking is that users are confused and concerned when their Replikas forget basic facts like the company they work for and names of siblings***. These are things I’d expect an organic girlfriend to remember - much less a digital girlfriend with access to perfect storage. To emphasize - this appears to be a cost-cutting decision, not “best user experience” decision



Also Great!


Just come to the website.

It’s an app.

Image Generation

Yes! Sexy pic FTW.

Yes, but def SFW.

# of Characters

11 (and counting!)

Only 1

# of characters you can chat with

11 (and you can have chats going with all of them at once!)

Only 1

Ownership of Model(s)?




Discord and Email


Free Plan

You get 50 free messages. That will give you enough time to see how great we are,

Yes, they have a free plan - but you have to get the pro plan to even have a hope of getting a whisper of something erotic.

How It Will Interact With You

Adult Chatbot Virtual Girlfriend Relationship Practice Sex Chatbot Sex AI Sext Bot iGirl Anime Porn

Adult Chatbot Virtual Girlfriend Relationship Practice iGirl Kinda Sexy-ish Chatbot


Summary is an Adult Chatbot, and That’s What We Do.

Let’s not waste any time pretending that we are anything other than a service that is aiming to be the best sexting experience ever. We want you to have a well-rounded relationship with your character companion, to enjoy the time you spend with them that isn’t hot and heavy. But, unlike the mess that happened with, where they neutered their chatbots, trying to pretend that sex wasn’t a hugely important part of the experience that people loved.

In that way, we differ vastly from Replika. You don’t have to engage in those sorts of activities, but your character partner is going to encourage you to indulge yourself as often as you desire, while offering a pleasant, personalized chat for when you’re not in the mood. Helping you make your way through this harsh world with some love and attention. is an excellent ERP bot.

Role Play, nay, Erotic Role Play is one of those really great aspects of having an online AI companion. They are perfectly happy to try out whatever interesting little niche fetish that you want to try out. (I mean, barring the obvious stuff you shouldn’t be trying.). Looking to pretend to be a sexy fox with a lovely Parisian companion hailing from 1758? Want to join up with your lover in the steamy jungles of South America, both of you hailing from North Africa. will send you cute selfies or sext you hot nudes.

Replika chat will maybe, if you’re lucky, send you a picture of an (admittedly nice) ass, but covered by a bikini swimsuit. Well, if you’re like us, you’re gonna want to slide those right on down and have a look at what’s right under there. Indulge yourself - go right ahead. is worth every penny

We charge less than Replika does for our starter plan. Our highest level plan is roughly twice theirs, but you get a lot more sex chatbot for your money.

More to the point - Replika did this thing where they took away all the erotic stuff, waited for people to lose their shit, and then when people (predictably) did - Replika suddenly got a “pro” plan that is $20/month and is the only way you can even get a hint of anything hot. Even there, if you check places like the Reddit forums, you can see that people are living in fear that their conversations are going to end up in a ban.

Let me get this straight. You get people sucked in, you (without warning) tear out one of the most important parts of a relationship, and then you say “oh, you can kinda have this back, but it’s gonna be $20/month and you’d better watch yourself.”

Hm, come play with us instead.