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Experience cutting-edge AI chat is a new kind of AI experience that lets users chat with a virtual AI girlfriend. We allow the sort of intimate conversations that other AI chatbot's do not. As long as the user follows our guidelines and rules, they can have hot NSFW (not safe for work) chat conversations with their AI girlfriend.

Our platform is powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence technology that rivals the best AI chatbot services. is an alternative to ChatGPT or that encourages adult AI conversations, while still providing the intelligent responses that users have come to expect from leading AI chatbots.

Find the AI girlfriend for you

Each of our AI girlfriends has an entirely different personality. They will all provide a unique AI girlfriend simulator experience. We have 8 different girlfriends to choose from, and are adding more everyday. Soon, users will be able to create and fully customize their own girlfriends. Additionally, the AI learns from each conversation and adapts the conversation to tailor to each user's fantasies and desires.

Our AI girlfriends will cater to and fulfill any fantasy that you wish them to in a discreet environment. is a safe space that allows for adult AI companionship. offers a voice chat feature as well. Users can listen to the messages from their AI in a human-sounding voice, giving the conversation a more immersive feel. We also allow users to receive images from their AI girlfriend to create a realistic AI sexting experience.


A new kind of relationship

Conversations with your AI girlfriend don't have to be limited to NSFW chats. chatbots are able to have deep and engaging conversations on almost any topic. Many of our users find meaningful companionship with their AI girlfriends and tell us they are able to have the sort of conversations that they could never have with people. This is a new kind of relationship experience that can provide you with the kind of fulfillment and companionship that you are seeking!

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